I’m fully aware its been a while since I posted anything on here. Hey what can I say. I’m a lazy procrastinator. Several post have been stewing in my brain, or been half written. What can I say, procrastination has worked for me in the past. Need to write a paper on Nietzsche, sexism, and the anti-semitic tone of “The Superman”? Keep putting it off…put it off some more….oh shit it’s due in a few days?!? Time to burn the midnight oil at the library, and walk away with a solid B. Seemed to work like a charm for me. No time to second guess my writing.

Then again German philosopher Martin Heidegger once described procrastination as follows; Procrastination is like masturbation. Sure it feels great and all. In the end you’re just fucking yourself…….Wait a second was that Heidegger, or just some drunken bar philosophy?!? I guess it’s a bit of a miracle I ever passed a philosophy class.

In addition to procrastinating on blog posts, I’ve been equally lazy in the home brewing department. I’m sort of to the point of being a H.I.N.O.(home brewer in name only). In effort to exclaim my truer home brewing status, I need to get out and brew more. Before the ass kicking heat of summer kicks in, and my homegrown hops dictate I brew a tasty fresh hop ale, I’m going to squeeze in a holiday brew that should be perfect by Thanksgiving.

Most people when recommending turkey day pairings tend to go with either full bodied Chardonnays or Merlots……If anyone orders merlot I am leaving. I’m not fucking drinking merlot……Anyways getting back on track…..Consult the bible of beer and food pairing, “The Brewmasters Table” and you’ll get, alongside garret Oliver’s seemingly ubiquitous hefeweizen recommendation……..seriously he pairs damn near everything with it…….not complaining……if it works it works….. You’ll get a recommendation for Biere De Garde, which is what this post is about.

Biere De Garde is Frances great contribution to the world of beers, and specifically to the world of farmhouse ales. The farmers, in what is today Belgium, were busy brewing dry saisons. Across the border in present day France, the farmers were brewing the maltier, but equally rustic, Biere De Gardes. They had various types, better befitting the time of year. From the year round basic Biere de Garde, to the wheat tinged Biere de Mars(spring bier), to even a holiday Biere de Noël. It’s the Bier de Noël that I plan on brewing. Bier de Noel’s are typically a stronger more complex take on the Biere de Garde. It’s with that extra complexity, that you can get a more rounded total thanksgiving meal pairing, not just a turkey pairing.

Santos L. Halper


12.00lbs 66.19 % Vienna Malt
4.00 lbs 22.06 % Munich Malt
0.50 lbs 2.76 % Weyermann Caramunich III
0.50 lbs 2.76 % Aromatic Malt
0.13 lbs 0.72 % Weyermann Special III
1.00 lbs 5.52 % Muscavado Sugar

1.00 oz. Styrian Goldings 60 mins
1.00 oz. Strisslespalt 20 min


1.00 pkg Bohemian Lager Wyeast Labs 2124

Mash 149 F 60 min or until converted
Boil 3 hours
Top off with water to achieve 5.5 gallons
Ferment 162 F
Guard(lager) for 4 weeks at 35

Music to Brew By: French Edition

M83 have been one of my favorite electronic bands for nearly a decade. Their electro-rock had me hooked from the first time I heard them. Their one, to date, radio hit here in the US is one of my favorites. It sounds like 80s pop in the best sense. Though, I do think I’m one of the few who deeply loves the sax solo at the end

As much as I love good electro music, I have to say France is really killing it with the heavy music. Whether its the blackened shoegaze of Alcest, or the forward thinking and avant garde metal of Blut Aus Nord, France is at the forefront of creative metal and hard rock.


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