Beer For Breakfast!

The title says it all, and then some. I tend to hold steadfast to one idea about drinking; If you need a drink in the morning, you may need to seek help for being an alcoholic. Waking up with a craving/need for beer is a sign of alcoholism, or you just need something more than coffee to wash down a full plate of English. That brings us to the notion of a breakfast stout. In the British idea of things its nothing more than a low alcohol stout, say around 3.5% abv, one could drink with breakfast. On this side of the pond we tend to think differently, more extreme if you will. I, along w/ folks like Founders, tend to take a different notion on what a breakfast stout should be. In my mind the breakfast friendly alcohol content is irrelevant. A breakfast stout should be breakfast-y. What says breakfast better this time of year than a piping hot cup of coffee with a bowl of warm oatmeal? With the breakfast theme in mind I plan to brew nice hearty stout for cold weather enjoyment:

Black Breakfast
Style – American Stout
Est O.G. – 1.067
Est. ABV – 6.88

10# Maris Otter malt
.5# Pale Chocolate malt
.5# Chocolate malt
1# Roasted Barley
1# Flaked Oats
1# molasses

1oz Nugget @ 60min

mash @ 152
Ferment w/ your favorite American ale strain – Go w/ the Sierra Nevada strain from your choice of companies – Wyeast 1056, Whitelabs 001 California Ale, or what I prefer the dried US-05 from Safale – cheaper but equal to the liquids. Dry bean with 1/4# course ground expresso, or your favorite coffee blend, in a hop bag(any fine mesh bag will work) for 1 to 2 days. Remove coffee when desired profile is acheived.


~ by thebrewgeek on Friday, October 8, 2010.

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