New beers resolution

Ok I’ll admit it…..the title has more cheese than the country of France. That out of the way, its a new year and with that comes resolutions we will likely not keep. With resolutions in mind I have a few that I will try to keep. Is there a rule that resolutions have to be healthy or at least not unhealthy?

My main resolution is to drink more. I’m not saying I want to consume more beer than last year. My goal is to put more effort into seeking out and trying new beers. Along with that is my intention to review more beers. After reading the posts on the Southwest groups page at, I have fallen behind. Harpoon has made its debut in Texas, and I managed to miss that. Along with that comes Southampton, the one have been looking forward to the most. Another brewery soon to debut in Texas is Magic Hat. I have been expecting Magic hat for a while. When Pyramid and Magic Hat merged I figured it was only a matter of time before it hit our shelves. So in this new year I will strive to do a better job of keeping up with our ever growing beer selection.

Along with my drinking resolution, I really want to brew more this year than last. I have no real plans to reach the 200 gallon limit, but rather force myself to brew more. Brewing is for me relaxing and enjoyable. The stresses of my life always seem to disappear when I am brewing. Even when a brew or brew day goes south its still satisfying and stress relieving in the end. So this year I plan to make room for brewing. Whether its split brew days, extract batches, or even a no boil Berliner weisse batch or two, I’ll strive to do whatever it takes to brew more.

While my beer related resolutions may be at the forefront, its not my only focus for this new year. Long before I had a passion for beer, I had a passion for cooking. Up until a few years ago, my life goals centered around cooking. Things have changed but my love of food and cooking is still there. With this new year, I want to rekindle my passion for cooking. Its not to say I have lost the passion, rather I want to focus on expanding my culinary comfort zone. In recent months I have become interested in a “style” of cooking referred to as molecular gastronomy. In the realm of molecular gastronomy mayonnaise or hollandaise sauce can be deep fried. Foie gras can be tied in knots. A beef short rib can be melt in you mouth tender and the perfect medium rare. Of course among other things you can have powders that taste like bacon or olive oil. In this new year I will strive to better understand molecular gastronomy, as well as create dishes in the “style”. I guess I should also invest in a digital camera so I can show off what I hope will be successful dishes…..does this mean another blog?!?

I hope the new year is good. If I can keep up these resolution, mine should be a great one. To those who read this blog, or happen to stumble upon it may this new year be great for you all as well.


~ by thebrewgeek on Tuesday, January 13, 2009.

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