New brews and no money make the brew geek something……something…..

Its that time of year when the cold weather seasonals start showing up on the shelves. Ordinarily this is a great time of year to be a beer snob around here. For the cash crunched consumer like myself, this year poses a problem.  As expected the Octoberfests started showing up in August.  The fall seasonals have started making an appearance. It won’t be long before the hearty winter/holiday brews hit the shelves.  Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Don’t get me wrong it’s a great time of year for beer, but this year a stick was thrown in the spokes of my beer purchases.  That glorious stick comes in the form of new brews.  If all I had to stay on top of was the fall/winter seasonals, I would be okay. This year Texas has seen a good spike in new brews and breweries.  After years of only getting Stone IPA and Arogant Bastard, the folks down there in San Marcos, California have graced us with new brews. In addition to those brews we now have: Stone Smoked Porter, Pale Ale, Ruination, and Oak-Aged Arrogant Bastard.  Summit Brewing Company out of St Paul, Minnesota recently hit our store shelves. Green Flash Brewing Company hit shelves around the same time. Yesterday afternoon Ben E. Keiths, our friendly neighborhood Bud Distributor, had a release party of sorts for Brooklyn Brewery. On the horizon, suppesedly coming at the end of the month, the brews from  Southampton Publick House are to grace our shelves.  All these new brews are making it difficult for the cash strapped beer geek to keep up. In a typical fall/winter season I have a hard enough time keeping up with the seasonals. This wonderful list of new brews/breweries, has thrown a wonderful kink in this already beer heavy season. It will be crazy trying to stay on top of the new brews, while not letting those seasonal favs go by the wayside.  Oh well, its a wonderful problem to have.


~ by thebrewgeek on Tuesday, September 16, 2008.

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